Bewleys Colombia Coffee Capsules 10pk


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These espresso coffee capsules are Fairtrade certified and 100% compostable capsules – just add the capsules to your food waste bin for composting. We support gender equality projects in countries of origin. We support initiatives to improve the quality of life in the many coffee farming communities we deal with. We always aim to conduct our business in a manner that improves both the health of the planet and the lives of those we deal with.

100% compostable capsules with a full-bodied with a sweet aftertaste and pleasant round acidity

About the Producer


Founded in 1840, Bewley’s is Ireland’s leading coffee and tea company. We’ve been perfecting the craft of tea and coffee making for many generations, from our humble beginnings in a little shop on Sycamore Alley in Dublin, Ireland, to the home and heart of our brand, our Grafton Street Café, right through to our present day operations across the globe in Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Our Quaker origins are at the heart of our company, guiding our business practices and the development of long-term sustainable supply relationships with the world’s best tea and coffee producers. From five star hotels to independent coffee shops, we serve over 600 million cups of tea and coffee worldwide every year, so we know a thing or two about crafting the perfect taste for even the pickiest of palettes. Some 180 years on from our beginnings we still love tea and coffee. It’s our passion and we want to share this with you.

In 1835, Samuel Bewley and his son Charles dared to break the East India Company’s monopoly by importing 2,099 chests of tea on board the clipper ship, The Hellas, the first ship chartered directly from Canton in China to Dublin. At this time, Ireland had yet to develop its famous thirst for tea. The stakes were high and both men were faced with ruin if the tea could not be sold. Thankfully the venture turned out to be more successful than either could possibly have imagined, changing the taste of a nation and making Bewley’s a household name in Ireland. 

Following on from our origins in the tea trade, Bewley’s was then officially founded in 1840 and expanded into coffee and the operation of coffee shops, most notably our legendary Grafton Street Café which was opened by Ernest Bewley in 1927. The rest as they say is history, but it is still history in the making as we continue everyday to enthuse and delight tea and coffee lovers all over Ireland and further afield.

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