Flahavans Quick Oats Golden Syrup 10pk


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Enjoy the pure and simple pleasure of Flahavan’s deliciously creamy Quick Oats Golden Syrup flavour porridge with all the wholegrain goodness of Flahavan’s porridge oats. Oats a nutritious warming food that are high in fibre, low in salt and saturated fat. You can use the free reusable liquid measure provided or simply pour milk or water directly into the sachet and fill to the splash line, making it the ideal portable healthy start to any day either at home or in the office.

About the Producer


Our Timeless Story

"When you grow up surrounded by fields of oats, play in them as a child and work in them as an adult, they become part of your life. I was lucky to have been reared in such an idyllic place and I remember my father passing on all of his knowledge to me about oats and about milling them.

Our family has been in Kilmacthomas, Co Waterford for over 200 years, milling locally-grown oats and creating wholesome, natural foods.

If you’ve ever been here, you’ll know it’s one of the most beautiful parts of Ireland, with the misty Comeragh Mountains on one side and the River Mahon weaving its way through mile after mile of lush, rolling farmland. Oats have grown for as long as anyone remembers, with the land and weather here in the ‘sunny south-east’ perfect for growing them.

The Mill itself dates back to the 1780s and was powered by the River Mahon then as it is now.

Over the years, many of our recipes were first created in our family kitchen by my wife Mary, and then came to life as Flahavan’s products. It’s really heart-warming to know that they’re now being enjoyed in homes all over Ireland, and around the world.

Our story is simple - it’s about family and place and about one single cereal - oats. Timeless, natural, wholesome and nourishing and most of all, a food we’re sure you’ll enjoy.”