Wild About Pickled Chilli 200g



Capsicum Pubescens, or Hairy Chilli are native to South America, and are identified by their hairy leaves and black seeds. A thick walled, meaty and juicy chilli, they are highly aromatic and pack quite a punch.

bolivian hairy chillies, white wine vinegar, water, sugar, mustard seeds, salt
Nutrition Value per 100g Energy 232KJ 56Kcal Fat 1.2g Of which Saturated 0.07g Carbohydrate 8.46g Of which Sugar 5.93g Fibre 1.12g Protien 1.66g Salt 0.6g

About the Producer

Wild About

Wild about is a multi award winning environmentally sustainable artisan producer and Local Food Hero creating a range of low carbon, low sugar, sustainable foods made fresh from seasonal produce sourced locally and grown on our sustainable permaculture farm here in Co. Wexford. Ranges change with the seasonal harvests and we specialise in native wild ingredients, Irelands own superfoods.


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